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Welcome to VOID Nightclub and Boujee by Zero95, Ringwood's premier event space. We offer a selection of three luxurious and multi-functional event spaces, which can be customized to suit any occasion. Our catering services feature a fully customizable menu, with a range of culinary options that include world-class, award-winning Italian-style wood-fired pizza, in-house kitchen specialties, grazing boards, sit-down meals, canapes, and more.

Our exceptional catering, coupled with our state-of-the-art event spaces, makes VOID and Boujee the ideal location for any event, from birthday parties to corporate functions, live music performances, stand-up comedy shows, and film production locations. Each of our event spaces comes equipped with its own fully stocked bar featuring an extensive range of cocktails, craft beers, ciders, spirits, and more. We understand that every event is unique and strive to cater to the individual needs of our clients.


Our function packages are designed with an emphasis on quality, simplicity, and style, ensuring that your event is nothing short of exceptional. At VOID Nightclub and Boujee by Zero95, we take pride in delivering the best possible service to make your event unforgettable.



Our venue offers an exceptional opportunity for businesses and individuals looking to host a high-quality function or event. With a minimum spend of $2000, you can have full control over how to utilize the funds. We offer no venue hire fees or staffing costs, providing an exceptional value for our clients.

You have the freedom to allocate the minimum spend on food and beverage packages in any proportion that best suits your function. Our main room is the perfect venue for live events, conferences, award ceremonies, stand-up comedy shows, and other events. It features state-of-the-art club-standard DJ decks, sound systems, and lighting systems, allowing us to provide the ultimate experience for your guests.

Our main room is completely customizable and can be configured to suit your specific requirements. We offer a fully equipped bar that includes cocktail stations, craft beers, ciders, spirits, and more. This allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for your function or event.



Our side room is the ultimate venue for hosting any type of private function or event. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a corporate gathering, our fully enclosed space provides an exclusive experience that is unrivaled in the city.

Not only does the side room offer complete privacy, but it also grants you and your guests complimentary access to Melbourne's premier night club featuring the best DJ's on weekends. With VOID Nightclub’s vibrant and energetic atmosphere, your party can continue long into the night.

At our venue, we offer a $2000 minimum spend with no venue hire fee or staffing cost. You have complete control over how you wish to allocate the minimum spend towards food and beverage packages. This flexibility allows you to customize your event to suit your preferences and budget.

We recommend Friday nights for those celebrating their 30th birthdays and beyond. Our over 28's night is perfect for keeping the party going with free entry for you and your guests.

Our state-of-the-art equipment including club-standard DJ decks, sound system, and lighting, ensures that your event will be a sensory delight. The side room can be configured to meet your specific requirements and includes a fully equipped bar with cocktail stations, craft beers, ciders, spirits, and more.



The Rooftop Open Area is the perfect venue for hosting elegant sit-down dinners or luncheons for your next business or social function. Our venue is available for booking throughout the week, and we highly recommend that you make reservations in advance to guarantee your spot


We are pleased to offer you a $2000 minimum spend with no venue hire fee or staffing cost. You have complete flexibility to allocate your minimum spend on any combination of food and beverage packages that best suits your function requirements.

Our state-of-the-art internal club-standard DJ decks and sound system are at your disposal to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. You can customize the layout of the room to best suit your birthday celebration or special occasion, and our tables and chairs can be arranged to meet your exact needs.

With our newly renovated kitchen providing award-winning pizzas, our authentic Italian-style menu can be fully customized to meet your unique preferences. Our fully stocked bar boasts cocktail stations, craft beers, ciders, spirits, and more to satisfy your guests' every need.


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